Stretch Table Covers


Perfectly Cover Your Table and Exactly Show Your Logo
Elastic Table Covers Creates a Marvelous Display Effect

Stretch Table Covers

Your brand or logo easily is added to the fitted table covers, allowing you to brand your table instantly. You can also choose a printed statement or catchphrase. Add a welcoming message that encourages people to step over to your table to learn more.

Exquisite Designed Stretch Table Covers Promote Your Brand in a Minute

At any trade show or exhibition, you have just a minute to make a statement and grab the attention of those who are walking by. There’s a lot of ways to brand yourself, but having a well thought out display is essential. The stretch table cover we offer is one of the most straightforward and highly effective solutions available today for any type of business, and any type of trade show.

Key Features of Our Stretch Table Covers

When choosing a stretch table cover, consider the value of choosing a product that can be customized to meet your very specific needs. Our products are designed to create an immediate impression – in just one minute!

Choose the Size and Style of Stretch Table Cover Right for You

We offer four main types of stretch table covers. This includes the elastic table top cover, round elastic table cover, a fitted elastic table cover, and a stretch cross-over table cover. Each one of these products gives you the right fit for any existing tables you have for displaying your products or services.

Choose from our available sizes for both six foot and eight foot tables. Also, we do customize table covers to fit your specific and unique needs.

Add your company’s logo and make a statement with a unique image. Your info is given to your customer or client in seconds when you use these covers. When it comes to making a statement from across the room, these table covers do the job in a professional, clean, and sleek manner.