Fitted Table Covers


Fitted Table Covers Make your
Trade Show Marvellous.

Fitted Table Covers

Create an eye-catching and impressive display at your next trade show with customized fitted table covers. These table covers present your brand in the best light for a variety of events, whether you’re attending a trade show, an exhibition, community events or other promotional or educational opportunities.

Beneficial Features for Your Events

Our fitted table covers completely cover a standard event table, enveloping it in a bright color and creating a stunning base for your brand’s literature and products. Your logo is prominently displayed across the front, leaving no event attendees in the dark about who you are.

Elastic table covers stay secure without the need for weights or other awkward solutions. This creates a more professional appearance and keeps the cloth in place throughout the event. Also, outdoor table covers easily transition from indoor events to outdoor fairs, charitable races and other promotional opportunities.

Customization Choices

You have different fitted table covers to choose from, allowing you to fit your specific needs and design preferences. Our trade show table covers fit rectangular and round tables, and the rectangular ones offer a pleated option and a choice of back designs. A pleat on the corners enhances the display of your table, helping your company stand out. A hallowed-out back is ideal when your team members will sit at the table, as the back of the cloth will stay out of the way. Another choice is a back with a zipper, which allows you to store products or other items under the table and zip up the cloth to keep them secure and hidden.

Start your promotional display with a fitted table cover to help your company create a memorable first impression at every trade show and other promotional event.