Table covers

perfect way to displaying your products
and promoting your your logos and brands.

Table Covers

Put an eye-catching table covers on your display tables, and you will get an amazing display effect. No matter in the indoor or outdoor activities, the table covers with crisp and clear graphics can always catch people’s attention immediately.

Different table covers have different display effects to different venues, and Vortex Textiles offers a wide range of table covers, such as standard, fitted and stretch table covers for you to choose to promote your products, logos and brands to a large extent. The table covers are perfectly designed for the standard 6 ft and 8 ft display tables. Also we can customize the table covers for you according to your requirements to match the size of your table. What’s more, our convertible table covers can be be easily converted and used for both 6 ft and 8 ft tables. Whether you have a long rectangular or small round table, our versatile and durable table covers can fit them well.

While printing table covers, we often use 300D polyester and elastic polyester which are not only durable, but also environmental friendly. To meet your special needs, we also offer some materials with special quality, such as wrinkle-resistant, flame retardant, oil proof, water proof polyester. When it comes to printing techniques, direct printing, dye sublimation and silk screen printing are all available for us, but we highly recommend the ecological friendly digital printing.

Wanna to know more about our table covers, please feel free to drop us an email and contact with us, we are more than happy to help you customize the unique table covers.

Table Throws

A custom table throw let’s you professionally take care of one of the recurring problems in trade shows and conventions; that of sloppy or amateur appearing table covers. Each trade show table throw is designed to fit smoothly and attractively. A custom table throw is the best solution for a ugly problem.

Fitted Table Covers

Our fitted table covers completely cover a standard event table, enveloping it in a bright color and creating a stunning base for your brand’s literature and products. Your logo is prominently displayed across the front, leaving no event attendees in the dark about who you are.

Stretch Table Covers

We offer four main types of stretch table covers. This includes the elastic table top cover, round elastic table cover, a fitted elastic table cover, and a stretch cross-over table cover. Each one of these products gives you the right fit for any existing tables you have for displaying your products or services.