Display Pop Ups


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Display Pop Ups

As one of the most outstanding display products, popups can easily become the focus even in a crowded circumstance. With Vortex Textiles, you can always find the most suitable popups for your promotional activities, such as booth, fabric stand, fabric banner, and display stand.

Easy to Set Up and Convenient to Carry

Popups can be set up as the background wall no matter for an indoor trade show or for a promotional activity. With popoups placed in your display stand, your booth can be enlivened instantly while your marketing message can be transferred in a minute.

Though most popups are large in size, they can be set up and packed easily as they boasts simple and light frames. More importantly, popups feature in light weighted and highly portable, and one person can fix up the stand for promotion within minutes.

Quick and Easy Indoor Exhibiting Solution

Our diverse popups are especially designed to display your business and attract customers. So any time when you need a quick and easy indoor exhibiting solution, popups will be the perfect choice.With the popups in your trade show, you will gain more attentions and win more business.

When making the popups, durable fabrics, like 210g elastic knitted, 260g elastic knitted and 250g soft knitted, are commonly used. Meanwhile, by adopting the advanced printing techniques and solid colors, we can make sure each of our popups is printed with crisp and clear graphics.

Vortex Textiles is dedicated to help each customer to find the products that are really designed for them.


An eye-catching popup booth can help make your trade show exhibit stand out in the crowd. We offer high quality displays in a range of sizes for you choose.


Standing more than 6 feet tall, this fabric display will dominate the room and establish your presence at the trade show. It will helps you win more business in the trade show.


A S-shape fabric stand provides a beautiful display without distracting from the content of the business details. It will help you create a better display effect.

Straight Fabric Stand

By using our straight fabric stand, you get the benefit of a pop-up display with the durability and strength to handle the weather conditions of an outdoor environment.


As part of the pop-up series, this banner product offers a little more than the average tabletop display. It is a tension fabric stand that utilizes a Z-type frame.

Fabric stand

Have a good design trade show booth that will impress trade show attendees. Fabric Stands are a well-made, easy to transport fabric stand for your business.