Vivid and Dynamic Feather Flags
Enliven Your Trade Show Instantly

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Feather Flags Come in Lots of Shapes and Sizes for Optimal Customization,Our feather flags are available in a variety of shapes including: Blade, Swooper, Rectangle, Teardrop, S-shaped.
Plus, we offer a range of popular sizes, including 200 cm, 300 cm and 400 cm, so you’re sure to find the shape and size you need.

Build Your Business with Custom Feather Flags

Advertising feather flags and banners are one of the most popular types of promotional signage on today’s market, and for good reason: Feather banners and flags are easy to customize for your specific needs, and they’re also lightweight and durable, making them a good choice for advertising at your business and on the road at trade shows, exhibits, fairs and other events. Our feather flags are made from the highest quality materials and feature advanced imprinting options for colors that pop, making them the perfect addition to your advertising and marketing programs.

Sturdy Feather Flag Stands Let You Display with Confidence

All our advertising feather flags come with ready-to-use stands designed specifically for the size and style of your flag to ensure your flags show to their best advantage. Each stand is designed to be sturdy yet lightweight, so it’s easy to transport from one event to the next. Plus, the stands are completely portable, so setting up and taking down displays is quick and easy.

Feather Flags Feature Custom Printing and Bright, Distinctive Colors

At Vortex, we use only the highest quality printing techniques to ensure your indoor and outdoor feather banners look their best even after frequent, regular use. You can choose from one-sided or two-sided printing to display your company or product name, logo, slogan or other promotional information, making our advertising feather flags the ideal promotional solution for sales, grand openings, exhibits, trade shows and more.


A blade advertising flag’s tall, thin design causes people to take notice. This is a great place to advertise current specials or a slogan or offering.


These flags are also popular because of the strong, sturdy base, which lets you use it for both indoor and outdoor applications and activities.


The eye-catching shape custom swooper banner flags will draw attention, and with a sturdy base you don’t have to worry about it falling over.


The unique shape, high quality, and durable, knitted polyester fabric with digital printing methods means your flag will last a long time. 


These feather flags with their distinctive teardrop shape are the perfect way to attract attention for your event, exhibitor booth, or promotion.