Custom Car Flags

A Special decoration for Your Car
An Eye-catching Car Flags Help Display Your Brand

Custom Car Flags

Use custom advertising flags as an effective way to enhance an advertising campaign or any size promotional event. When marketing budgets are tight, embracing unique ways to get the word out is essential.

Make Your Car Special with Car Flags

Car flags make a vehicle stand out on the road. Flying a car flag is a great way to show pride and support for a favorite sports team, school, organization, and to help promote a business, upcoming event, or important cause while making your vehicle look unique and special.

Ordering custom car flags and distributing them to employees, friends, and family is an affordable way to promote your business. This type of advertising is ideal for any small business focused on connecting with a specific area and target audience.

Custom car flags blow gently in the breeze as the car cruises down the road. When stopped at a light, they catch the attention of the cars nearby. Everyone will see your logo, image, or message on the custom car flag. With the right color and design, your custom car flag will be the stand out and so will your car.

Car flags are durable as well as versatile. They can be used on any type of car, truck, or SUV and also can be displayed on motorcycles as well. Whatever you drive, we have the flag for you to fly. We offer several options including the traditional style car flag flown from a vehicle window. Other styles include antenna flags, magnetic car flags, custom fuel tank cap covers, car seat covers, and hood covers ideal for a company car.

Fly your team, school, or business pride with a VortexTextile promotional car flag today.


Whether you are at a car show, trade show, or other events, or even on your lot, the advertising car flags can help deliver your message in a clear, innovative way.


Car caps give you a fresh and effective way of marketing your brand. By adding car caps to various parts of your vehicles, you will get the marvelous display effects.                                                 


Whether you use bike flags or car flags, it causes potential clients to look at your vehicle and the flag on your antenna.