Advertising Tents

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Special Designed Advertising Tents for a Better Display Effect

Advertising Tents

When you head to a fair or trade show, how can you be certain that your booth won’t be lost in the midst of all of the competition? One way to ensure that your brand and booth stand out, even in a crowded convention center or large open-air event, is with a promotional canopy tent.

Advertising Tents: Showcase Your Brand at Your Next Promotional Event

Promotional canopy tents clearly define your space, showcase your branding efforts and help interested individuals and potential customers find you and your products or services. If you are heading to trade shows and other events without a tent for trade show purposes, you are missing out on a number of benefits.

Benefits of Canopies for Trade Shows

What can a branded tent do for your business at your next trade show? With a custom canopy printed with your logo, name, phone number and slogan, you can be certain that your location is clearly visible. This stands out so much more than just a table or table and banner. It ensures that people will notice you.

A branded tent also clearly defines your space in the trade show. This ensures that your booth does not blend in or merge in to the booth next to yours. Branded tents have a practical purpose as well. When you have a tent at an outdoor trade show or festival, you give your customers a little bit of respite from the sun and occasional rain. Improved comfort can improve your results.

Find Trade Show Options with VortexTextiles

If you are looking for custom branded tents for your next tradeshow, VortexTextiles has the options you need. With both square frame branded tents and hex frame branded tents in three different sizes, we can ensure that your booth stands out.

If you are ready to take your tradeshow presence to the next level, the answer is a custom tent with your logo printed directly on it. Contact us today to discuss your needs and order your custom printed canopy tent.


A sturdy, easily-visible frame tent is an essential item for any exhibitor hosting a booth at a trade show, conference, sporting competition, or other event. Canopy frames with side walls offer the ideal space for displays, products, and interaction with prospective customers. 


Grabbing the attention of those at a trade show or exhibit is critical. And, you have seconds to do it. With the Square Frame Tent, you have a better opportunity to bring in prospective clients and customers no matter where you set up.